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Adam Maarschalk

Preterist Blogger and editor

Since 2009 Adam has maintained a website on fulfilled eschatology ( The following are some of the series and resources at his site:

1. Beast of Revelation (an ongoing series from the viewpoint that the beast was Zealot-led Israel)

2. Book of Revelation Fulfilled (chapter-by-chapter studies, a series comparing Josephus and the book of Revelation, and more)

3. Olivet Discourse Fulfilled (a parallel, verse-by-verse study of all three accounts, and other articles)

4. PDFs (free, downloadable PDFs)

Adam also has a YouTube channel which includes some videos on fulfilled eschatology that are not found at his website. He has spoken at four preterist conferences – three times at the Blue Point Bible Church Conference in Long Island, New York, hosted by Pastor Michael Miano, and once at the Big Tex Bible Conference hosted by TJ and Maria Smith.

Personal Information

Adam Maarschalk is originally from Canton, Ohio and now lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina (the Charlotte metro) with his wife, Jasmine, and daughter, Amora. From 2001-2007 he lived in Malaysia, where he was involved in mission work, taught English, became fluent in the Malay language, facilitated village homestay programs, and fell in love with the local people, food, and culture. Adam is certified in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and does proofreading and editing work on the side (