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Preterist Network Registry

[Note: Tony Denton and PNR are not affiliated with Fulfilled Communications Group. We (FCG) are providing this information as a service to the preterist community.]

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Our Mission:

Exploring and proclaiming the good news of fulfilled prophecy and life in Christ, equipping and encouraging everyone in our journey toward biblical truth, enabling each of us to better discern and develop our roles in the kingdom of God.

Connecting Local Preterists

Tony Denton Hi. I'm the fella you may have heard of or read about in Fulfilled! Magazine who owns a private/offline Preterist Networking Registry (PNR) through which (since 2013) I've been able to make nearly 12,000 connections among fulfilled prophecy (aka preterist) believers in the USA.

If you'd like to be included in this to see if I can hook you up with such believers in your locale, all I need for you to do is email me the name(s), zip code, and email address you'd like me to use on the list. (If you're a fella and your wife wouldn't mind having her name included with yours, please send me that, for the ladies on the list feel more comfortable when wives are listed.)

Please email me (tedenton64@gmail.com) this info from the email address you want me to use on this list, then I'll respond with a confirmation followed by a contact list of email addresses for others in your area.


However, since this is a private/offline registry (many not wanting to be on it otherwise) and I'm thus very personally involved in working it relative to constant updates in two very lengthy files..., if you request to join, do so ONLY IF you are very good at keeping a check on your email AND RESPONDING to people who attempt to make contact with you, for such saves them heartbreak (for I've received several messages about this) and saves me TONS of work and time. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You. ~Tony Denton