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Our Mission:

Exploring and proclaiming the good news of fulfilled prophecy and life in Christ, equipping and encouraging everyone in our journey toward biblical truth, enabling each of us to better discern and develop our roles in the kingdom of God.


About the Magazine

Fulfilled! Magazine is the only full-color magazine from a full preterist perspective. Published quarterly (Lord willing), Fulfilled! covers a multitude of preterist topics from a viariety of preterist authors, pastors, and speakers.


Some of the columns that have appeared in Fulfilled! over the years:

Gleanings From the Past
Features preterist views and interpretations held by a variety of Christians through the centuries.

Creation to Consummation
Hosted by International Preterist Association president Ed Stevens, this column focuses on God's completed plan of redemption.

History of the End
Beginning in 2020, this new series by Ed Stevens will explore the final generation before the end (the New Testament generation), the chronology of the Jewish War, and the first generation after the end.

Objection Overruled!
Preterist Research Institute president Don K. Preston "overrules" a variety of objections to the full preterist view.

A column in which different perspectives of a particular topic are presented, providing readers with information and viewpoints to aid in their personal study of Scripture.

The Greek Column
Studies in Greek terms

Life in the Kingdom
Articles aimed at encouraging and edifying readers with present-day applications of the truth of fulfilled prophecy.

Parting Thoughts
TJ Smith closes the issue with a variety of preterist-related material.

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2006 - 2010
2011 - 2015
2016 - 2020

Free Subscription!
We operate on the prayers and gracious financial support of our readers and offer subscriptions for Fulfilled! Magazine free of charge within the USA and Canada. Due to high overseas postages costs, we require a $20 US annual donation for overseas' subscriptions.  Currently it costs about $4,000 US to produce a 16-page issue and have it mailed to 2,500 subscribers. If you have benefited from Fulfilled! Magazine, please prayerfully consider supporting FCG in this ministry. The button below allows you to make a one-time donation. You will be prompted to enter an amount after clicking the button. For additional giving options click here.