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Michael Day

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Michael Day was raised in a secular humanist / atheistic household. He was raised to believe that all people were generally good, and that if there was a heaven, he should go there because he was a good person. In college, at the University of Arizona, the Holy Spirit convicted him of sin, and he then realized that he was not a good person after all, but rather one who had really missed the mark, a sinner. With this new revelation Mike began to cry, face to the ground, literally in his dorm room closet. This experience went on for about two hours. Mike likens this experience to the woman who wept at Jesus feet, washing His feet with her tears. The Lord then stood him up on his feet (Ezekiel 2:1,2), and at that moment Mike experienced the complete forgiveness of all his sin! He stood there in the closet in this intense new presence, the manifest presence of Jesus, who then spoke clearly to him instructing him to get out of the closet and go into his dorm room. A short while later, as he was sitting in this dark room, the phone rang and a young woman that he knew from a class, Tish Huber, asked to meet with him to talk about God (she had broken a date with her boyfriend to witness to Mike as she felt God’s leading so strongly at that exact same time). He went, and having previously prayed a sinner’s prayer, was then invited to a service at Calvary Chapel Tucson under Robert Furrow, as well as joining Keith Moody’s Campus Crusade for Christ small-group Bible Study. He began attending Calvary Chapel Tucson as well as a being discipled within the Campus Crusade for Christ small-group system.

Mike then began to experience the gifts of word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, casting out demons (once), and speaking in tongues. These gifts would help him with power evangelism on campus. Through the leading of the Spirit, it was very exciting for him to see people’s lives changed and made whole spiritually, that is, being saved. Experiencing God in action became an everyday thing now for Mike. He became a Bible Study leader and Evangelist with Campus Crusade and was on his way toward following God’s leading for his future. Mike graduated from the University of Arizona Cum Laude and could play ten games of chess simultaneously. In the eighth grade Mike was tested for his reading level and scored at the level of at least that of a college senior. In High School he had a 4.0 GPA. What would he do with his education? He would get a job with the Salvation Army ministering to the homeless. He was on staff there for a number of years and had studied the Bible diligently during this time. He has credited the absence of imposed and enforced indoctrination from seminaries and Bible Colleges for allowing for independence in his studies, with a dependence upon the Holy Spirit’s ability to teach.

Mike then worked a number of years for the Arizona Superior Court as a Pre-Sentencing Investigator doing reports for Judges. In the Church, he has worked as a Singles Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Elder with Calvary Chapel. He was later a Vineyard Kinship Leader and involved with the Home Church movement. Mike has a beautiful wife Jennifer and a godly daughter Rachael. Mike’s knee was miraculously healed in September 2013 in front of a multitude of witnesses. Mike has been a speaker at the Re-Thinking the End Times Bible Prophecy Conferences, and also owns a Christian board game company (Day 40 Games). Mike and his family attended God’s Living Room under Pastor Tom Shurmitzler in Phoenix, Arizona where Mike was the men’s group leader.

Mike studied the Past Fulfillment/Preterist view for several years, and eventually switched from the futurist view of eschatology to the preterist view. Mike’s favorite author is Gary DeMar. The futurist view was the only one he had ever considered, because it was the first view he had been taught, and only one he had known. He now considers this view, with its method of understanding, to have given him a great deal more harmony in his understanding of the Bible. The numerous inconsistencies and anomalies of all other views of eschatology, particularly the pre-millennial / futurist view, took away from any such harmony of Scripture for Mike. Currently, Mike is also a history teacher where he is very popular with his students. He has coached many sports including basketball and flag football. Mike is a regular speaker on Bible Prophecy Fulfilled. He has been on television several times. Mike received God’s call years ago to start the Preterist Bible Project and was the main person responsible (and editor) for the first, second, and third editions of the Fulfilled Covenant Bible, which has now become the new and improved Kingdom Bible. Mike believes this is one of the works Christ gave him to do on the earth during his lifetime. Mike is currently pastoring a small startup church called Kingdom Chapel in Anthem, Arizona.