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Robert Cruickshank, Jr.

Preterist blogger and speaker

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Robert Cruickshank, Jr.

Preterist Blogger and Speaker

Robert resides in Northeast Ohio and is part of the extended family of Berean Bible Church (Virginia Beach, VA), where he is a regular speaker at the annual Berean Spring Conference. Robert teaches from a Divine Council Worldview and the full preterist approach to Bible prophecy. Emphasizing that “the Bible wasn’t written in a vacuum,” his areas of research include Ancient Near Eastern, Second Temple, and Greco-Roman literature. Robert also maintains a blog in which he often focuses on the weaknesses of the dispensational approach to Bible prophecy. His blog, “Cruickshank’s Corner,” can be found at: Cruickshank’s Corner - The Burros of Berea. Many of his Berean Bible Church messages from both conference lectures and his occasional Sunday service messages are posted (in both transcript and video form) on the Berean Bible Church website.