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The Descendants of Shem - Pt. 2
by T. J. Smith

This article appeared in the 2022 Spring issue of Fulfilled! Magazine

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In our last exciting episode (too much Batman as a kid), I discussed the Semites, or rather lack thereof, in the world today. After receiving several emails from readers, I was surprised how interested some are to learn more, and how much they already know about the non-Jewish bloodline that has dominated history. So here we go with part two:

Descendants of Shem – Part 2

The DNA tests that people buy to trace their heritage are only as accurate as the information DNA companies can access. Therefore, there has been no establishment of “Shemite” bloodline. Meaning, if a DNA test claims you are 100% Jew, it means you are 100% Khazarian. That bloodline has been established. That DNA is traceable, but remains a disputable point, as it cannot trace the DNA to Shem. All that can be established is that the DNA companies can trace the genome back to a group of people with a common DNA of Khazarian descent.

Paul even stressed in Galatians 3:29 “And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise.” Paul was apparently not concerned with DNA!

I could argue that Christians are the rightful owners of Israel’s terra firma. These people claiming to be the rightful heirs are not. These people are imposters and always have been. Some claim to descend from Japheth’s grandson Ashkenaz, yet an individual must be a descendant of Israel, not Ashkenaz, to inherit the promise. 

Every Prime Minister of Israel has been an Ashkenazi “Jew.” Not one of them has ever claimed to be a “Shemite Jew.”  Also, a “Jew” was a person from the tribe of Judah. Refresher:  Abraham had Isaac, Isaac had Jacob (Israel), Jacob had Judah. No Ashkenazi can claim a bloodline tied back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Note that the biblical genealogies in the Gospels end at the feet of Jesus. Not even his brother James was included. The only people who could claim the physical piece of dirt on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea would have been children of Yeshua.

Paul explained that the promise was spiritual, the land was spiritual, and the children were spiritual. Paul did not say “promises,” plural, so that these Khazarian imposters can claim some promises and allow Christians to claim others. No, Paul said “promise” in the singular. These imposters have never been in Christ, they are not Abrahams’ offspring, and Ashkenaz, Japheth’s grandson, was never promised that inheritance.

If you understand the concept of “natural then spiritual” (1Cor 15:46), then this will make sense. There was once a mighty nation of people whom God chose to inherit a physical land. But God divorced that people, married a spiritual bride, moved her into a spiritual land and she inherited the spiritual promise. But what was this “promise” so many have sought to attain?  If it was not a piece of dirt, what was it? 

so that being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.” (Titus 3:7)

So, all this time, the ‘Holy Grail’ of God’s people has been eternal life. It is clear the “promise” has always been spiritual. This promise was made to the descendants of Abraham. Who was the original inheritor? Jesus (Gal 3:16)! He was the last person who could claim to ownership of that inheritance. He would be the only person who could claim the land of Israel, yet He seemed to have no interest in the land, because His kingdom is spiritual.

Most modern-day ‘Jews,’ both Ashkenazi and Khazarian, claim their heritage from the line of Ishmael, even though they may honor Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

There is a good reason Askenazi adherents accept Ishmael as their tie to Abraham: to claim Isaac (Israel) would mean Yeshua was their Savior, and the last and only true inheritor of the promise.

Quick Summary of the Khazarian Nation: Back in the 8th century AD King Bulan chose Judaism as his country’s religion, not Christianity. Not Islam. He and his kingdom were merely cultural converts.

Today, roughly 97% of all Jews descend from Khazarian converts, with the remaining 3% being converted Spanish Sephardic Jews. So far, not one pure-blood descendant of Shem has been found.

To Christians, the Ashkenazi-Sephardic-Khazarian Jew should not be considered the same religious people as the Old Covenant people of God described in Scripture. None of these three aforementioned groups ever had ancestors who lived in Judea or Jerusalem. They are not descendants of Isaac and were never the people who were to inherit the promise. These groups of modern day “Jews” are either descendants of Ishmael (even that is unprovable), whom God rejected, or simply outright converts. These converts have taken for themselves the name of the original people who were descendants of Isaac. Let’s make it even more confusing with still another twist: These Khazarian Jews were no more “Jewish” than the pop singer Madonna, or Sammy Davis Jr.

To review, the Khazarian King weighed the three options available and chose Judaism, as it seemed the most like his culture at the time. That’s it. That was his well-thought-out basis for converting his entire empire to Judaism. No mention of praying about it and waiting upon Yahweh. No burning of incense, no building an altar, no sacrificing a bull, no laying out of a fleece. Nope. He listened to each of their sales pitches and picked the one he felt best furthered his cause and provided the socio-economic protection he needed. Even the “Jew” that showed up to pitch Judaism to the King was Ashkenazi. Well, that’s all for this issue. Part 3 coming soon.

The Fresh Agreement

I want to introduce you to a new Bible Translation by Joshua Bariova, edited by Anna Marie Bariova. What makes this “newest flavor of the month” so remarkable and impressive is that the couple just mentioned produced this entire work by themselves!

There is so much to like about this 2019 translation, taken from the Greek of Novum Estienne, 1550. First thing you see is the title: “The Fresh Agreement” which is a fresh take (pun intended) on “The New Testament.” Here are a few quotes from the Introduction: “Bible translation is very serious work. Misunderstandings caused by incorrect phrasing in translations have caused some to fall into serious ideological and behavioral errors.” I like it already!!!

Another statement made in the Introduction reminds me of Scofield’s notes being viewed and promoted as on par with Scripture. In fact, many of his devotees could recite the notes in their Scofield Bible, but not the verse. Bariova clears this up and distances himself from that practice: ”The footnotes are not part of the text, and although they are the results of intense study, do not consider them equal to the text. Analyze them and adopt those you surmise to be true . . . the purpose of the notes is to stimulate discussion.”

I have communicated with Joshua several times and though his story is unique and interesting, it is not unlike many of us who are also self-learned. He did take his learning a bit to an extreme by translating the entire New Testament . . . sorry, I mean “The Fresh Agreement”!

In the next issue I will share passages I found refreshing and interesting. For this issue I just wanted to introduce you to Joseph and Anna Marie Bariova’s distinctive work and encourage you to investigate their translation (available on Amazon). I also hope to have an interview with Tony Denton and his ministry. Alas, I have run out of space in this column . . . until next time.


Until next time, TJ.



haviv ben-chaim April 9, 2022
amen of course !!!
ex-judaism since 1969-1987 i rasied from state of israel me deaf
haviv ben-chaim April 9, 2022
amen of course !!!
ex-judaism since 1969-1987 i rasied from state of israel me deaf

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