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Zionism in the Western Church
by T. J. Smith

This article appeared in the 2022 Fall issue of Fulfilled! Magazine

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Hello all you groovy, beautiful, intelligent people! It is time once again for the somewhat enlightening, always entertaining “last page.”  Being on the last page is like batting in the bottom of the ninth in the World Series.  I’m either going to strike out and go back to the dugout a loser or hit a grand slam. So, let’s find out!


My last several issues dealt with Zionism from a session I taught earlier this year. Since I have received emails from some of you asking about Scofield and Darby, I am going to depart from “regularly scheduled programming” and inject information about these two individuals into my next two issues. We will turn our attention to how Zionism infiltrated the western Church.

There was nothing organic or spiritual about the sudden spread of Zionism in the mid-late 1800s. Someone had to be pushed, coerced, blackmailed, bribed, paid off, or deceived into spreading this anti-Christ doctrine. If the Wizard of Oz taught us anything, it was that there is always someone behind the curtain.

Unfortunately, fundamentalism was itself infiltrated and hijacked, consistent with the Rothschild strategy of funding both sides of every war since Napoleon. Fundamentalist churches were targeted to enlist their support for the Zionist agenda. The two principal agents in this scheme were John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) and Cyrus Scofield (1843-1921). What Darby planted, Scofield watered and disseminated. The theology they developed served the Rothschild Agenda by making several claims:

  • God wanted the Jews to return to, and take over, Palestine.1
  • God had two plans of salvation—one through Jesus Christ, the other a guarantee reserved for Jews, His “Chosen People.”
  • Christians should not involve themselves in politics, education, business, or the arts, as these are “worldly” matters that should be left in the hands of “worldly” people. (The consequences of this doctrine are very visible in American culture today.)
  • God deals with mankind differently during different historical time frames or “dispensations,” of which there are seven. The current one, “Grace” under Jesus Christ, is merely the sixth of the seven dispensations.
  • The Christian Church is doomed to inevitable failure, which will bring the Dispensation of Grace to a close.
  • The end of this dispensational age will be marked by the Tribulation—worldwide persecution under the Antichrist for a period of seven years; however, Christians need not concern themselves with this, since Jesus will “rapture” believers off the Earth and they won’t be around to experience it.
  • Earth will then experience a Jewish era; Jewish ritualistic animal sacrifices will be reinstituted; Jesus will reign for a thousand years from Solomon’s rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

These doctrines, whose main outcome was “Christian Zionism,” might seem boring to atheists and agnostics, but they are relevant to the state of the world. They were, and are, espoused by celebrity-status puppets like Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, and John Hagee, in the best-selling Tim LaHaye Left Behind book series, and in the prevailing views of many conservative evangelical churches. Without these ideas being spread like a virus, there might have been no Israeli state created in 1948, no 9/11, and no Middle East wars.

Before proceeding, I’m aware that some readers may be encountering this worldview for the first time, so I’ll take a moment to “begin at the beginning.” (Remember, this is my opinion and not those of Fulfilled! Magazine or its publisher.) The United States, and much of the world itself, is run by an incalculably wealthy oligarchy known as, among other names, the Globalist/Deep State/Khazarian Mafia/WEF. The trappings of “democracy” are an illusion; the oligarchy operates behind the scenes, choosing presidents and prime ministers long before the public goes to the polls. It owns and controls the Central Bank, most of the “Fortune 500” corporations, Vanguard and Black Rock investments, and the mainstream media (CNN, Fox, BBC, etc.), the latter being crucial to keeping the agenda, and the oligarchy itself, concealed from public awareness. It assassinates leaders who refuse to accept the petrol dollar.  It coordinates its global policies through international organizations such as the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and an upper, exclusive level of Freemasonry. The cabal’s highest identifiable human center is the Rothschild banking dynasty. But the oligarchy is not only about materialistic matters such as money and power; like the universe itself, it possesses a spiritual dimension: its outlook is satanic, which largely accounts for Western culture’s rapid moral descent. By the way, you don’t need an active Lucifer to have people acting as if he exists. All you need is people following the wicked paths of satanism, therefore “keeping the faith” of hatred and evil.

  • The ultimate goal of the New World Order-Klaus Schwab-Gates-Rothschild-Rockefeller-Great Reset gameplan is a world government. This strategy was the reason:
  • the Rothschilds committed their fortune to the Zionism agenda, beginning no later than 1829
  • Theodor Herzl began hosting the World Zionist congresses in Basel, Switzerland in 1897
  • the British government was persuaded to issue the Balfour Declaration to Lord Walter Rothschild in 1917, promising the Zionists “establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people” in exchange for the Zionists bringing America into World War I on Britain’s side.

However, Zionist seizure of Palestine could not have occurred without the consent and cooperation of the world’s Christian community. Given the centuries-old conflict between Jews and Christians, it was necessary to remold Christian theology to accommodate the Rothschild plan. Cyrus Scofield and his reference Bible came on the scene for this express purpose.

Ok, that’s it for this issue!  Next issue I will discuss Scofield’s Bible. 

A couple of thoughts before we finish: remember there is a term for an occurrence of a word found only once in Scripture.  That word is derived from the Greek words hapax (once), and legomena (from the root lego – “I speak”). The term hapax legomena refers to words (written or spoken) that are found only once in the Bible. The Greek New Testament contains 686 local hapax legomena, which are sometimes called “New Testament hapaxes.” Sixty-two of these occur in 1 Peter and 54 occur in 2 Peter. Naturally, Paul led the pack with the most hapaxes, followed by Luke in his Gospel and Acts.  This is interesting as the two most educated Jewish men who contributed to the New Testament were influenced by Greek Philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. Not that they studied these philosophers, but rather that the works of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates had permeated Jewish culture to the point that Paul and Luke (Peter, Matthew, John, and Mark as well) could draw on that influence to explain their Gospel and Epistle concepts. The Hebrew Scriptures contain over 400 hapaxes (some claim 1480 plus). You can learn more at the Jewish Encyclopedia online.  This is one of the things that makes studying so exciting for me, finding hidden gems to polish. 


Finally, speaking of hidden gems, I wanted to remind you about the new Bible translation by Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bariova: “The Fresh Agreement.”  This work is spot-on for the preterist view and is intellectually honest with matters not pertaining to end-times. It is a valuable tool in gaining one more aspect of Scripture you may not find in the ESV, CJB, or even the Kingdom Bible.  Solid work. Probably not without its own issues or controversy, but that is why we use numerous translations, isn’t it? When Gary Parrish, Michael Day, and Terry Kashian produced the Kingdom Bible, with the help of dozens of volunteers, that was special. The opposite of that feat would be one person accomplishing it.  Joshua has done just that, along with his talented wife editing and keeping Joshua jacked with caffeine! Please consider contacting the Bariovas and purchasing one of these “Fresh Agreement” New Testaments (I even dig the title!).

Here is his email address:  Maybe some of you publishers like Ed Stevens or Don Preston, or those teachers with websites or facebook pages like Micah Stephens, Daniel Morias, Adam Maarschalk, or Charles Meek, would like to get involved with a link on your website or page? I read on Facebook where preterists are asking for a preterist viewpoint Bible. This and the Kingdom Bible are two I can highly recommend!  Until next time, TJ

The Fresh Agreement on Amazon



1 Space prohibits me from documenting all the items listed in this article. If you would like more details please email me at:



Administrator September 30, 2022
I have fixed the link to the pdf version of TJ's article. Thanks for pointing it out!
- Brian
Ed Ferner September 23, 2022
My copy of the Kingdom Bible Translation arrived and I subjected it to my list of passages that bother me with most other translations. here is what I found:

Wright has corrected all of the references that are normally translated as "Hell" to "Gehenna" which is great.

Wright has translated all of the mistranslated words of "world" to read "age" or "ages" which is also great.

In Romans 6:11 and Galatians 2:20 where some translators translate the Greek to read that our faith is "in" Christ, he translates the word into "of" which rightly shows that all of our faith comes from the Triune God and is not something that the Christian comes up with on their own. If you would like a Power Point slide file on this topic please ask for it by emailing me at

In 2 Corinthians 3:6 and 14 Wright translates what many translators render as "testament" to be "covenant" which I like. That is good for me.


Acts 17:31, 24:15, 24:25 he does not use the imminent phrase "is about to be" but instead uses "has established a day," "will be," which to me weakens the understanding of imminence. I don't like that.

In 1 Corinthians 15:23 Wright deletes the word"coming" and uses "the time of his arrival" in reference to the Second Coming." I don't like that.

In 2 Timothy 4:1 Wright uses "who will judge" in place of "is about to judge" thereby weakening imminence.

In 2 Peter 3:10 and 12 Wright uses the word "elements" where I prefer "rudiments."

In Revelation 1:7, 6:4, 13:8, 11, 16:1, 18:24, and 19:2 he uses "earth" when I believe it should be "land," because earth refers to the entire earth while land refers to the dirt that Israel sits on!

In Revelation 6:10 and 8:13 Wright uses "earth dwellers" instead of "land."
I only had one semester of Koine Greek in Bible School back in the early 1980's so you people who are better versed in that language should check out where I might be wrong.

I like this translation and would use it in a Bible study even with the items I don't like.
Katrina September 22, 2022
I could not save the PDF - problem with the link. It's a great article and your opinion mirrors mine. I feel real pain when I see people thinking that the red heifers being delivered to Israel is exciting and further, that they believe in voting. None realize how deep this deception goes and how long it's been planned. I pray daily that God will open eyes of Christians that have been deceived.
Ed Ferner September 20, 2022
I purchased a copy of the third edition of Fresh Agreement and do not plan to use it as it is too close to being a paraphrase rather than a word-for-word translation, in my opinion. I think everyone should make their own personal decision about the document as it may be just what they need at the time but I will stay with other translations.
Tom Hansen September 19, 2022
Your comment, "This is one of the things that makes studying so exciting for me, finding hidden gems to polish,' leaves me puzzled. What makes stating the fact that there are hapaxlegomena in scripture a "gem." From my understanding, many of these words have no history to study, or any theological significance. Perhaps, in a future issue, you could give an example of your study of one of these words, and how it impacts us theologically or even devotionally.
Ed Ferner September 15, 2022
Nice article on Zionism! Thanks for the info on the newest translations that are aware of fulfilled eschatology. Those are helpful.

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