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Descendants of Shem
by T. J. Smith

This article appeared in the 2021 Winter issueissue of Fulfilled! Magazine

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Greetings! First, I want to thank everyone who emailed suggestions for the Preterist Brochure idea from the last issue. I also contacted Mike Sullivan, as I had heard he created something similar, and he sent me what he had.  With this input, we are going to work on this, and will make it available for download on FCG’s website.  Thanks for getting involved!

In the next issue, as I need more time before rendering a knowledgeable opinion, I will be reviewing a book.  But this isn’t just a book.  It is a new Bible translation. I was first contacted about this by Brian Martin, which led to the author emailing me.  I’m really intrigued by this version.  I was blessed to participate in the 2013 creation of The Kingdom Bible (TKB) by contributing commentaries on eight books from both the Old and New Testaments.  Whereas TKB included over 20 contributors, including Terry Kashian, Gary Parrish, Tony Denton, Alan Bondar, Don Preston, Parker Voll, and Michael Day, to Riley O’Brian, Charles Meek, and me, this new translation was performed by one person—Joshua Bariova.

Whenever I review new Bible translations, I go to certain passages to get a feel for the translator’s perspective. After receiving this Bible, I opened up to some passages in Revelation 20-22, Daniel, Matthew 24, etc. If those verses reflect the preterist view, then we are good.  If not, the book collects dust. 

From what I’ve read, author/translator/publisher Joshua Bariova performed a massive undertaking. Kudos to Joshua for a task well-performed. As with any Bible translation, you will find points missed, words translated inadequately, and some verses left uncommented, which the reader may find egregious or careless.  No single Bible translation is going to make everyone happy.  Someone will always find something lacking.  That’s expected. 

Joshua did an impressive, commendable job.  Even the binding and cover is unique.  I’ll give a more in-depth review next issue with examples and purchase info. Thank you, Joshua, for time well invested.

As I am preparing this article, Blue Point Bible Church is preparing to kick off their 7th annual Preterist Conference this evening with: Daniel Rogers, Ward Fenley, Simon Edigbe, Michael Miano, and others.  I too will be teaching via video on Friday evening.  For those who could not attend I will be including my video script in four parts in subsequent issues of Fulfilled! Magazine. Here is Part 1.

Yeshua: The Last Semite

Hello all you beautiful people. Except you sir over on the left side. Yeah, that comb-over hairstyle thing you’ve got going there… not working. But the rest of you are beautiful!  Thanks to Pastor Miano for inviting me to contribute to the “Not One Stone Left” Conference there at Blue Point Bible Church, in Blue Point, NY.  

I have 30 minutes to squeeze a 200-page book into, so this will be just the crib notes [TJ is currently writing a book titled The Last Semite - Brian]. I won’t have time to discuss Victor Rothschild’s financing of Cyrus Scofield and John Darby’s Bible, nor will I have time to explain why dispensationalism was important to Rothschild’s agenda.  That will be discussed in the book. 

Unless I preface this talk with a disclaimer, you might misinterpret my intentions.  So, please remember that I do not hate the people of the Old Testament.  I don’t hate those whom Moses led out of Egypt, those whom Jesus chose for His ministry, nor even the Jewish leadership that killed Him. What angers me are groups posing as descendants of that Old Testament people. I really disdain anyone alleging to be in line to receive any promises made to that group of ancients. I would hope you could agree that there is no place for that type of “claim jumping.”

We should understand the nuances that have developed over the centuries.  The first being the definition of “Semite.”  If we can’t determine that then we won’t be able to discern the rest.  It’s like when Jesus told the disciples, “If you can’t understand this parable, how will you understand all of them?” (Mark 4:13)

Noah got off the ark with his family: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Shem had descendants.  They were called Shemites. Neither Ham nor Japheth’s children were called Shemites. Got it? Good. “Shemite” evolved into “Semite.”

If a person cannot prove his lineage is from Shem, they are not a Semite.  Muslims, Ethiopians, Ashkenazis (Ashkenaz was a grandson of Japheth), Khazarians, and Sephardic “Jews” are not Semites. 

“Semite,” “Semitism,” and “anti-Semitism” are words that have been kidnapped by the Zionist movement and weaponized by that political party to attack anyone who says anything unsupportive of Zionism. Yet, since none of our present-day Judaic adherents are descendants of Shem, they cannot be Semites. Unfortunately, the word had its meaning changed for political reasons. Are there any blood-related, scientifically proven people on earth carrying the DNA of Shem? If there are, they have remained suspiciously quiet.  So I’m going with “no.”

Remember, you can’t accuse me of being anti-Semitic, if no Semites exist.

Zionists learned early on that calling out people as “anti-Semitic” brought the results they were looking for: support from the American government and military, and from Protestant churches. 

The church is so ignorant about the Bible that they have bought into a false doctrine that presents itself as supporting “God’s chosen people.” The problem is, Christians are God’s chosen people. But good ole’ “American Christian guilt” has pushed the church into a corner of accepting something that doesn’t exist; descendants of Shem.

So for now, let’s leave that discussion here and move on to our second definition: “What is an Israelite?”

Ok, again let’s go back to Noah and run through the lineage: Noah begat Shem, Shem to Arphaxad to Canaan who fathered a daughter who married Salah. They gave birth to Peleg. Then Peleg to Reu to Serug to Nahor to Terah, and finally Terah fathered Abraham.

Abraham and Sarah had Isaac. Isaac and Rebecca had Jacob.  Jacob wrestled with an angel, and had his name changed to “Israel” (Gen 32:28)

One can only claim to be an “Israelite” if they can prove their lineage came from Jacob.  Again, No Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahim, Indian, African, or even a ‘completed’ Jew from Muleshoe, Texas can provide one shred of Israelite DNA. Another sad commentary is that none of these groups have ever wanted to claim descendancy from Shem. More on that later.” (End of Part 1, Part 2 coming in the next issue.)

Until next time, TJ.



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