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An Interview with Micah Smith
by TJ Smith

This article appeared in the 2021 Spring issue of Fulfilled! Magazine

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Billy Graham once replied to the question of having regrets. His answer is paraphrased as: “My regret is that I did not take the time to train young men how to do what I have done.”


I wholeheartedly agree. As I approach my sixties (58 at the present time) I see the need to raise up younger believers and give them a platform to share the gospel and, specifically, the view of fulfilled prophecy. The older men who are “leading” the charge were once young and would be wise to start mentoring younger men and women. I would add that mentoring is only part of this equation: I am going to start giving literal “stage time” to those who will lead this truth into the future.

My wife and I hosted the Texas Conference in 2018. I was excited to meet those of whom I had read about, spoke with in emails or on the phone. In fact, it’s funny now, but I wanted this to be a “Mega-conference,” with all my favorite speakers. I ended up with about twelve. No problem I thought, until I realized I had to provide travel, hotel, and food! OUCH! Reality set in and I scaled back my invite list. It pained me to have to wait for a future conference to invite the others.

We older chaps need to start looking to raise up the next generation of teachers to lead into the future. Those I admire, like Jerry Wayne Bernard, Don Preston, Ed Stevens, Sam Dawson, aren’t getting any younger.

I am impressed with the ministries of Dwayne Stevens, Sam Stevens, Ward Fenley, and others. One of the younger teachers I see making a difference is Micah Stephens. He is a family man from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and stays active promoting preterism. He has written a book (described in the following paragraphs) and has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel.

I like Micah’s book cover. It has that “Preterism for Dummies” look to it. Very unassuming. Friendly looking. Good choice for a cover. The foreword was written by Cindye Coates, another gifted teacher who would round out any preterist conference weekend.

There are a handful of books I recommend to those just getting into fulfilled prophecy. Charles Meek’s Christian Hope through Fulfilled Prophecy, Glenn Hill’s Chrisitianity’s Great Dilemma, Brian Martin’s Behind the Veil of Moses, a couple of early John Noē books, and now I can add Micah’s. It’s an easy read, thoughtful, informative, direct. He ends each chapter with “Let’s Recap!,” which I think is a good strategy in writing: tell them what you just told them. Micah covers all the bases without getting into boring minutia (not that any of us do that . . .). Any newcomer to the faith, or even to preterism, will benefit from this book.

I contacted Micah to ask a few questions so you can get to know him as well.

TJ: Micah, thanks for answering some questions. Your fans are dying to know! Ok, how long have you been a Christian and when did you start seeing the truth of fulfilled prophecy?

Micah: I was raised in a Christian home and was taught Christian beliefs as soon as I was old enough to understand. I started learning at 3 or 4. I discovered partial preterism via Jonathan Welton’s teachings at age 29, and through my own Bible study became a full Preterist about a year and a half later.

TJ: Tell us about your family life, career, whatever else you think makes you boring or fascinating.

Micah: I am a big family man. I find most of my fulfillment and purpose in being a husband and dad. I try to be kind to everyone, but only keep a few close friends. I worked for a while in a manufacturing plant making trucks, and because of the physical problems that made me need to quit, I realized my passion is counseling, so I’m currently pursuing that. I’ve always loved teaching and helping people, especially with their inner world (a.k.a. emotionally and spiritually).

TJ: Who have been some of your influences in your study of preterism?

Micah: A good friend of mine named Ryan, who used to be the worship pastor at the church I grew up in. He was always very solid and sensible, so if he said he was leaning towards something I paid close attention to it, because he was usually right. As far as online teachers, I have learned a lot from Don Preston, but have tried to simplify what he teaches.

TJ: If you could meet anyone besides Elvis or myself, who would it be?

Micah: Who else would I want to meet? But if I had to meet someone else, it would be President Trump, John Maxwell, and Henry Cloud.

TJ: You are continually on Facebook posting your teaching videos, what type of feedback do you get and how do you see it growing?

Micah: From the people that usually follow, I normally get good and encouraging feedback. From most of the Christian population not familiar with or adhering to preterism, I get disagreement ranging from sincere questions to messages in my inbox filled with foul language telling me I’m a false prophet.

TJ: Finally, where do you see the preterist movement heading and how would you define the best method for spreading the full truth of Scripture? I know at the 2018 conference, everyone filled out questionnaires and the top response was ‘relationship first.’ Your thoughts?

Micah: I would agree with ‘relationship first.’ I have taken advantage of social media, which has the potential to reach a lot more people, but often I wonder how many I have convinced or how many watched my videos to reaffirm what they already believed. I think relationship has much more potential because of the trust that is there. I might have shut off what I believe now if I heard it said on the internet, but because a trusted friend said it, I gave it much more thought. I would caution anyone against building relationships for the sake of “converting them.” I will normally share this with friends if I believe they are open, and I think it would help them in their spiritual journey.

TJ: Micah thank you for your time.

Before I sign off, I want to plug a few other preterists and their resources. Alan Bondar has written three books that have a place on your shelf. Reading the Bible through New Covenant Eyes, The Journey Between the Veils, and his newest work, Unpredictable, which I had the honor of editing. Of course, Don Preston (the Cal Ripken of preterism) always has new books coming out, and Ed Stevens has always been a great source of historical data regarding the end times.

Also, one last guy: Pastor David Curtis. I’m calling him out! He taught a series on the Seven Feasts. I enjoyed it so much that I offered to turn his sermons into book form, which I did. Now I’m just waiting for him to get it in print! Hello, David. Come on man, let’s go!!!!

Until next time, Blessings. TJ


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