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About FCG

Fulfilled Communications Group (FCG) is a religious 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading the awareness and understanding of the Preterist (past fulfillment) view of Bible prophecy.

We believe that the gospel call of salvation in Christ should be the primary message of the Church (see The Most Important Page), but that an accurate and growing knowledge of God's Word should accompany one's salvation. This includes the study of Bible prophecy, or "last things." We understand that prophecy is only one component of the Bible and we do not consider it a "salvation" issue-that is, we do not believe that our salvation is dependent upon a proper understanding of Bible prophecy. We also are aware that it is possible to overemphasize Bible prophecy while neglecting other areas in our spiritual development. On the other hand, Paul, in his analogy of the Body of Christ (1 Cor 12), clearly stated that different members of the Body are gifted and called to fulfill different functions. FCG's Board of Directors feel that at this time we are called to spread the awareness and understanding of Preterism.

Although in our opinion there are still questions and "loose ends" in the Preterist view, we consider it the most accurate and Scripture-honoring interpretation of Bible prophecy. While many may have "overemphasized" Bible prophecy in their spiritual development, perhaps multitudes more have given up on ever understanding it, and have therefore dismissed it from their spiritual development. Because prophecy constitutes a significant portion of the Bible, and because topics like Christ's Second Coming, The Judgment, and The Resurrection are major New Testament themes, we feel that simply dismissing the study of eschatology (last things) is not an option for the student who truly desires to understand God's Word and mature in Christ. We began by publishing Fulfilled! Magazine in 2006. After an initial issue to "test the waters," we felt that there was not only an outlet but a need for a Preterist publication of this type. We then went through the necessary procedings to obtain non-profit status so that we could receive donations and offer a tax write-off for our donors.

Producing the magazine, and the accompanying details (forming a corporation, updating mailing lists, correspondence, etc.) kept us busy the first few years. However, we continued to discuss and develop plans to produce videos and to expand the content on our web site.

We began the initial stages of production on our first video project in early 2008. It was a huge learning process, but we are excited to have released the final product in September, 2009. Naturally, this brought with it additional logistics which needed to be addressed: Mass producing the DVD; updating our web site to include more than just the magazine; providing a means of purchasing the DVD; etc. Once these items are behind us we will be able to focus on additional video productions and to expanding the content of our web site. We would certainly appreciate your prayers in these matters.

Although Preterism is growing at an increasing pace, it is still much in the minority. Therefore, to be a Preterist one must be an independent thinker and study the Bible for oneself. Rather than merely accepting what is doled out from the pulpit, they test it according God's Word and are willing to come to conclusions contrary to popular opinion should the text demand so. This independent thinking naturally leads to a variety of views on the details of Preterism. While there are many differing views regarding the details of Preterism, FCG's goal is to focus on the basic fundamentals of Preterism. This does not mean that we do not acknowledge or address the differing views of details like The Resurrection or The Rapture. In fact, one of the most popular columns in Fulfilled! Magazine is "Perspectives," where we provide different Preterist perspectives on a particular topic. Although we present different views in both the magazine, those views do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors or other contributors. The same holds true for this web site. The various articles, links, etc., do not necessarily indicate a complete endorsement by the directors of FCG of all the respective materials.

After one accepts the Preterist view, they come to realize that eschatology is not a segmented portion of their theology, but that it is an integral part. Therefore, a major change in one's eschatological view necessitates a re-examination of other portions of their theology. Because of this time-consuming process, we feel that many of the details within Preterism are still in the process of being worked out. Therefore, in all of our endeavors to share Preterism, we strive to use the approach of giving people "something to think about," rather than telling them "what to think." We understand and empathize with the "shock" that often accompanies one's first introduction to Preterism. Therefore, we do not intend to push, argue, or judge others with respect to Preterism. Rather, we invite you to come and reason together with us, and see "what saith the Scriptures."