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Don Preston/Ed Stevens Rapture debate.





Don Preston/Kurt Simmons debate




Our first video production was released in August 2009!

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Entire video now online!

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Over eighteen months in production, we are excited to provide this tool for introducing Preterism to others. You've Gotta Be Kidding . . . Right? chronicles Brian L. Martin's (General editor of Fulfilled! Magazine) journey to Preterism. Join him as he encounters scriptural principles like audience relevance, apocalyptic language, cloud-comings, and more.

Lighthearted enough to make viewers laugh, interesting enough to keep viewers engaged, and truth-packed enough to make an impact.

Prelimary viewings have left Preterists clamoring for copies to distribute and Futurists stunned at the scriptural support for Preterism.


Currently out of stock - hoping to have more printed soon (11-4-15)




You've Gotta Be Kidding . . . Right?

It has made many laugh . . .

It has moved some to tears . . .

It has made everyone think!



WOW!! What a fantastic job you did on the DVD! We watched it as soon as we got it, and just wanted to let you know how great we think it is, and can't wait to give it to everyone. It was so well done, very organized and logical and Scripture based and supported and honest and clear and un-preachy - I could go on and on!

What an awesome presentation, how can anyone watch this and not want to find the truth?

A thousand "thank you's" for making the superb resource available!