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Networking the Preterist Community

Dear Preterist Friends and Family, Over the years I've had numerous preterists ask me if I knew of anyone in their respective locations with whom they could study and fellowship. Then it hit me one day that Fulfilled! Magazine reaches hundreds of preterists (and/or those who are interested in learning more about fulfilled theology from someone on a more personal basis). I know that a lot of you out there in Fulfilled! Magazine land feel very isolated in your futurist-dominated church/community, and that you also would like to know if there are others in your general areas. I've developed an idea to network as many believers of fulfilled eschatology together as possible, and I hope you can help me. Since there are nearly two thousand recipients of this magazine on the North American continent alone, what better way to start this networking of like-believers than with those of us who desire to share our contact information?

Here is my proposed starting point (which I'm sure will work into something different/better later on). For those who desire to help me get this going, I'll initially take up the baton and create a file of your contact information relative to where you live, essentially for my eyes only. For example:

Your Zip Code (e.g. 27609 for Raleigh, NC)

 Your Zip Code (e.g. 94203 for Sacramento, CA)

 The information above is all that will be necessary in the file (unless you also want to share more information such as your name, mailing address and/or phone number if you don't have email). I will post sign-up invitations on websites, emails, magazines, facebook, and so on—I have numerous contacts). You in turn can inform everyone you know who might be interested in joining the list.

After you have provided me with your contact information, I'll then let you know when others in your area sign up. For example, when the second person in zip code 27609 (or an adjacent zip code) signs up, I'll forward his/her contact info to the first contact in that area who will then decide what step he/she wishes to take from there (since they may already know each other). Likewise, when a third contact in that zip signs up, I'll forward his/her contact info to the first two contacts, and on it goes. By proceeding in this manner, your contact info won't be posted on the internet; you will only be contacted by me; and you get to decide who you connect with and when. Though perhaps obvious, I want to be clear that by adding your name to the list, you are expressing your desire to network with other preterists, meaning that you shouldn't be surprised when contact info is forwarded to you from those who wish to spend time with other preterists in study or general fellowship for encouragement. Oh, and of course, you may request your name be removed at any time.

Once the list becomes large enough, we can take it to the next level—a webpage for the list with links for people to email you directly but without your email addresses being visible for web crawlers to find. Should we move in that direction, everyone on the list will be contacted in order to be sure they want to remain on it.

So, for all who are interested in helping me get this going (and I know I personally would very much love to see this happen), please—right now while you're thinking about it—contact me with whatever information you'd like posted in this file to be shared with preterists all over the United States. Email me at:

or snail-mail me at:

12522 W Buchanan St
Avondale, AZ 85323

or call me at 623-933-8101.
Thank You,

~Tony E. Denton, author of Hebrews: From Flawed to Flawless Fulfilled )

Please note that while FCG views this project as a vital service to the preterist community, we are not directly involved in this project and do not give out the contact information of our subscribers. This is a voluntary sharing of contact information and all correspondence needs to go to Tony Denton at the contact information above.