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Overwhelming response to new video!
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The 3rd edition of the "Fulfilled Covenant Bible" has been give a major facelift and is now the "The Kingdom Bible." For more information email Michael Day at mday20 at (@) cox.net

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Fulfilled Communications Group is dedicated to sharing the Preterist (aka "Covenant Eschatology") view of Scripture. For centuries, Christians have struggled with New Testament statements which describe Christ's Second Coming as "near," "at hand," "this generation," etc. Preterism provides a scriptural alternative to the common practice of distorting these statements in order to apply Christ's return to our future. Preterism believes that we should take Jesus and the inspired New Testament authors at their word by honoring those time statements (for a brief introduction to Preterism, click here). We encourage you to open your Bible and examine Preterism by the Scriptures.
The goal of FCG is to produce and provide a variety of materials designed both to encourage and edify the Preterist community, and to share Preterism with others. We seek to glorify Christ by honoring His Word and expanding His kingdom. FCG is a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit corporation which operates on the generous donations of those who partner with us to share Preterism with the Body of Christ and beyond. FCG is currently operated on a volunteer basis with no paid staff (we appreciate your patience as we endeavor to create materials, update this site, and respond to correspondence).


FCG materials include:

  • Fulfilled! Magazine (a full-color, full-Preterist magazine published quarterly)
  • Videos

Future materials include:

  • Online articles and research library
  • Audio

We hope that you find this site a blessing and edifying. If you would like to partner with us in spreading the truth of Preterism, we would be grateful for your prayers, encouragement, and/or financial support. The PayPal donation button below will allow you to enter the amount you wish to contribute.

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